Financial Restructuring

One of our Associates has recently completed a complex financial restructuring of a distressed manufacturing business involving difficult negotiations with creditors.  His deep experience and tenacity in resolving similar situations combined with his well established relationship in the financial community ultimately resulted in an outcome which proved to be acceptable to all parties.

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Financing Advice

One of the shareholders in a financial services business has approached us to provide assistance in securing the capital he needs to buy-out his other partner and secure additional working capital for the business.  In addition to identifying potential sources, we helped him to refine the ask, prepare the information materials, coordinate information exchange, and

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Professional Services Turnaround

We recently have been engaged to engineer a comprehensive turnaround of a distressed high profile professional services business.  Included in this mandate will be guiding the business through a formal business restructuring, running the business on a day-to-day basis, recasting the business strategy, and recruiting new long-term leadership.

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Plant Expansion

We recently completed an assignment to secure additional financing for a company in the clean energy sector to allow for the expansion of their plant and improve operational efficiency. We have assisted the company in developing a clear understanding of what they require, the preferred form of financing, and identified a variety of possible sources.

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Succession Situation

Over the past two years, we have been working with a business owner to get ready for ultimately selling his business. This has involved navigating through a series of housekeeping issues, developing the required information materials, having preliminary discussions with potential acquirers, and contemplating various potential deal structures. As strategic advisors and mentors, we have

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Banking Switch

We were referred to a company that was unhappy with the level of service and support they were receiving from their existing bank. We were retained to help facilitate the transition to a new banking relationship. After helping to develop an effective information package about the company, we introduced them to a new banker well-suited

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HR Practices

A rapidly growing businesses was getting uncomfortable with its lack of discipline around HR policies and procedures. They came to us seeking advice on what to do. We were able to identify one of our Associates who went in and implemented a series of improvements including the creation of policy manuals, position descriptions, performance evaluation

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Financial Restructuring

An Ontario-based manufacturer was having serious operational challenges which resulted in them becoming offside on commitments and covenants with financing sources. The level of distress was so serious that ultimately a series of informal arrangements needed to be negotiated with the company’s creditors. In this situation, the Mercana Associate supervised the restructuring process and arranged

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Strategic Review

At the request of a lender with an “at-risk” loan facility, we were recently retained to conduct a strategic review of the borrower and identify the primary factors contributing to the underperformance of the business. Within a month, a detailed report was provided to the lender which was then subsequently shared with the borrowers’ Board

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