From business intelligence software, to forest products, indoor farming, tele-communications, or energy storage – the range of industries that Mercana works with is limitless. Business leaders and entrepreneurs come to us for advice, and results, and everything in between. We can readily pinpoint what needs to be done, then we call on the experts to make it happen. Strategic advice, accessing capital, strengthening management, introductions to specialists, and leading complex projects are all examples of how we help business owners overcome adversity. With an amazing network of talented participants skilled at doing business both nationally and internationally, we act as catalysts for change in growth and transition situations.

Here’s a recent example in the forest products sector – where Mercana plays the role of orchestra leader:

As a result of an ongoing client relationship in the forest products sector, Mercana was introduced to an entrepreneur with aspirations, expertise, and vision for participating in the industry. This has led to the development and execution of a complex program involving 3 acquisitions, a start-up, a property purchase, 4 financings, and extensive negotiations with 2 governments regarding grants and forest cutting rights. In addition, we have acted as the central coordination mechanism for enjoining 3 different legal firms, 2 accounting firms, a financial modeling specialist, and a lobbyist-government relations group. The journey continues and we see governance another area where we will play a vital role.

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