Philip Neukom MBA, CMC – July 2017

Philip is a high energy C-Level Executive who is known for delivering top line growth and improving profitability for technology and manufacturing companies. Comfortable working at the board level but can roll-up sleeves to get the job done. He is a leader and builder of high performance management teams. Excels at strategy development and execution, driving operational excellence, corporate financing and re-energizing companies. Not intimidated to take on challenges others may find difficult.

Malcolm Eade MBA – Senior Executive – October 2017

Malcolm is a charismatic and industrious senior executive that fuels growth, creates performance driven cultures, and positions companies as market leaders. Develops people, elicits excellence, and builds sustainable profit growth for industry leading organizations. Creates vision, establishes trust, and implements strategy that revitalizes operations to grow revenue and profitability by the millions. Secures impressive market gains and leverages relationships founded on commitment, collaboration, and integrity. Attracts investors to business, improves cash positions, and fortifies future growth opportunities. Malcolm is best known for discipline and authenticity.

Bill Henderson – C-Level Executive – October 2017

Bill is a C-Level Executive with high energy and over 30 years of leadership experience in the transportation, logistics, security, consumer sectors. Bill also developed a deep understanding of regulatory affairs, building solid relationships with very senior level government personnel in Canada on a provincial/federal level and in the United States. Bill has served on the boards of, Canadian-American Border Trade Alliance, Canadian Courier Association, Wharton Executive Education, Canadian Trucking Alliance. Bill has a reputation as a corporate entrepreneur with an ability to infuse people with high levels of commitment, fresh thinking, a passion for execution and integrity is well known in both private and public sectors.

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